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“One Angel,” by Dolly Parton and Rory Feek, honors Joey’s memory in a moving ballad

The collaboration between Dolly Parton and Rory Feek on the song “One Angel” is a deeply moving endeavor, serving as a musical tribute to Joey Feek, who was Rory’s wife and musical partner in the country duo Joey + Rory. Joey Feek passed away in 2016 after a valiant battle with cancer, leaving behind a legacy of heartfelt music and an indelible mark on the hearts of fans worldwide.

Dolly Parton, a country music legend known for her poignant songwriting and distinctive voice, brings a layer of depth and emotion to the collaboration that only someone of her stature and sensitivity could. Rory Feek, on the other hand, brings a personal connection to the song, infusing it with his intimate understanding and memories of Joey, making the ballad not just a tribute but a window into their shared life and love.

The song “One Angel” is characterized by its tender melody and heartfelt lyrics, which reflect on loss, love, and the enduring spirit of those who have passed. The collaboration between Parton and Feek is a testament to the power of music to heal, commemorate, and celebrate the lives of those we hold dear.

This collaboration is particularly poignant considering the mutual respect and admiration between Parton and the Feeks. Dolly Parton’s involvement in the project highlights her compassionate nature and willingness to support fellow artists in their times of need. For Rory Feek, working with Parton on such a personal song likely offered a sense of solace and a unique way to honor his late wife’s memory.

The song not only serves as a tribute but also as a piece of solace for those who have experienced similar losses, offering a sense of community and understanding through its universal themes of grief and remembrance. In this collaboration, Parton and Feek have created a piece that transcends personal loss, becoming a beacon of hope and remembrance for all who hear it.

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