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Ray Stevens’ Phenomenal Rendition of “Mississippi Squirrel Revival”

“Mississippi Squirrel Revival” is a humorous and satirical country song by Ray Stevens. It was released in 1984 as a single from Stevens’ album “He Thinks He’s Ray Stevens.” Ray Stevens, known for his comedic and novelty songs, wrote and recorded “Mississippi Squirrel Revival.”

The song tells the story of a mischievous squirrel that disrupts a church service in Mississippi. The lyrics humorously describe the chaos that ensues when the squirrel makes its way into the church, causing panic among the congregation. The preacher, Reverend Leroy, attempts to restore order and turns the incident into an unexpected and comical “squirrel revival.”

“Mississippi Squirrel Revival” features Ray Stevens’ trademark comedic style, complete with funny character voices and a lively musical arrangement. The song became a hit on both the country and pop charts, showcasing Stevens’ ability to blend humor with catchy melodies.

Ray Stevens’ comedic contributions to country music have made him a unique and beloved figure in the genre, and “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” stands out as one of his memorable and entertaining compositions.

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