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Vern Gosdin’s Impactful Rendition “Set ‘em Up Joe”

“Set ‘Em Up Joe” is a song by Vern Gosdin, released in 1988. It is the title track of his album “Set ‘Em Up Joe.” The song was written by Vern Gosdin, Max D. Barnes, and Hank Cochran.

In “Set ‘Em Up Joe,” Vern Gosdin tells the story of a man who frequents a bar named Joe’s Place. The narrator reflects on the memories associated with the bar, including the good times and the heartaches. The recurring refrain “Set ’em up, Joe” serves as a request to the bartender to keep the drinks coming, providing a soundtrack to the narrator’s reminiscences.

The song features Gosdin’s rich, traditional country vocals and a classic country sound. “Set ‘Em Up Joe” resonated with country music fans, becoming one of Gosdin’s successful songs. It reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

Vern Gosdin, often referred to as “The Voice” for his distinctive vocal style, was known for his emotionally charged performances, and “Set ‘Em Up Joe” is a testament to his ability to convey both nostalgia and sentiment in his music.

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