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Buck Owens’ Mesmerizing Performance of “Under Your Spell Again”

“Under Your Spell Again” is a country song performed by Buck Owens. It was released in 1959 as a single and later included on his album “Buck Owens Sings Harlan Howard.” The song was written by Buck Owens and Dusty Rhodes.

The lyrics of “Under Your Spell Again” express the narrator’s feelings of being captivated and enchanted by a past love. Despite efforts to move on, the narrator finds themselves under the spell of the former lover once again. The song reflects classic country themes of heartbreak and the struggles of trying to resist the pull of a past relationship.

Buck Owens’ twangy vocals, along with the distinctive Bakersfield sound, characterized by prominent electric guitar and pedal steel guitar, contributed to the song’s success. “Under Your Spell Again” became one of Owens’ early hits and a significant part of his influential career.

The song has been covered by various artists over the years and remains a classic example of the honky-tonk and Bakersfield sound that Buck Owens helped popularize in country music.

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