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Toby Keith’s Artistry Shines in ‘How Do You Like Me Now?’

“How Do You Like Me Now?!” is a country song performed by Toby Keith. It was written by Toby Keith and Chuck Cannon. The song was released as the title track and lead single from Keith’s 1999 album “How Do You Like Me Now?!”

The lyrics of the song tell the story of a man who reflects on his past and contemplates the reactions of those who may have doubted or overlooked him. The narrator experiences a reversal of fortune and success, and he questions how others perceive him in light of his achievements.

“How Do You Like Me Now?!” became a major hit for Toby Keith, reaching the top of the country charts in the United States. The song’s catchy and defiant chorus, along with Keith’s energetic and assertive delivery, contributed to its commercial success.

The song’s theme of triumph over adversity and proving oneself resonated with audiences, and it remains one of Toby Keith’s most well-known and successful songs. “How Do You Like Me Now?!” marked a significant moment in Keith’s career and became a signature song for the country artist.

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