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David Frizzell & Shelley West’s Unforgettable Rendition of “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma”

“You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” is a country duet performed by David Frizzell and Shelley West. The song was released in 1981 and served as the theme song for the film “Any Which Way You Can,” starring Clint Eastwood. The song was written by Larry Collins and Sandy Pinkard.

The lyrics of the song convey a poignant and romantic sentiment, expressing the idea that the creation of the state of Oklahoma was divinely inspired by love. The singers express their feelings for each other, attributing the existence of the state to their love story.

David Frizzell and Shelley West’s vocal harmonies and the emotional delivery of the lyrics contributed to the song’s success. “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in 1981.

The song has endured as a classic country duet and is often remembered for its connection to the film. The emotional depth of the lyrics, coupled with the heartfelt performance by Frizzell and West, has made it a favorite among country music fans.

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