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George Jones’ Musical Narrative “Tall, Tall Trees”

“Tall, Tall Trees” is a country song by George Jones. It was released in 1957 as a single and later included on his album “George Jones Salutes Hank Williams.” The song, written by George Jones himself, is an upbeat and catchy tune that features Jones’s distinctive vocal style. Here’s some information about the song:

“Tall, Tall Trees” is a playful and humorous song in which the narrator describes the loneliness and heartache he feels after a breakup. The title refers to the metaphorical “tall, tall trees” that symbolize the obstacles and challenges he faces. The chorus includes the lines: “But a tall, tall tree and a short, short me, / Now she sees nothin’ at all; / ‘Cause I had to be, just a goin’-on-ree, / To some place where I couldn’t call.”

George Jones’s energetic and spirited performance, along with the lively arrangement, contributed to the song’s appeal. The track features a mix of honky-tonk and rockabilly influences, showcasing Jones’s versatility as an artist.

While “Tall, Tall Trees” may not be as widely remembered as some of George Jones’s later hits, it is a notable early recording in his career and reflects the upbeat and sometimes humorous side of his musical style.

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