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Dolly Parton and Rory Feek’s Soul-Stirring Tribute to Joey with ‘One Angel’

The collaboration between Rory Feek and Dolly Parton on the song “One Angel” is a poignant tribute to Rory’s late wife, Joey Feek. This heartfelt song was initially released by Rory as a solo piece in March 2021 but was later reimagined with Dolly Parton, who added her vocals, harmonizing and singing a verse, bringing a new depth to the emotional narrative of the song. The lyrics, penned by Sandy Emory Lawrence, a close friend of Rory and Joey, express a mix of frustration, anger, and sorrow about the ordeal Joey went through during her battle with cervical cancer, which she sadly lost in 2016​​​​.

Dolly Parton’s involvement in “One Angel” goes beyond just musical collaboration; it’s deeply personal and symbolic. Joey Feek idolized Parton from a young age, with her first public performance being Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors.” Dolly was a significant influence on Joey’s musical aspirations and career path. In the days leading up to Joey’s passing, Dolly even sent a video message to Joey, expressing her admiration and support, a gesture that deeply moved Joey and her family. This background makes Parton’s contribution to the song all the more meaningful, symbolizing a full-circle moment and a tribute to Joey’s memory and her admiration for Dolly​​​​.

Rory Feek’s decision to create “One Angel” and include it in his first solo album “The Gentle Man” reflects his journey through grief and his homage to his late wife’s legacy. The album, which marks Rory’s first project without Joey, features not only “One Angel” but also collaborations with other renowned artists like Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, and Trisha Yearwood, showcasing a collection of stories and emotions that Rory shares with his audience​​​​.

The collaboration between Rory Feek and Dolly Parton on “One Angel” is not just a musical partnership but a deeply emotional connection that weaves together themes of loss, love, and legacy, paying homage to Joey Feek’s life and her influence on those around her.

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